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I have been involved with Pomeranians since 1974 but started showing and breeding in 1985. Since then I have made up over 50 Champions and several Group and Best in Show winning Pomeranians both in South Africa and Australia.

In 2014 we became involved with the wonderful Shiba Inu and since acquiring our first girl (Ch Snowstars Kadevy Go Gaara), we imported our top winning boy (Sup Ch Shouowariryuu Go Kagiyasou - Imp Jap) and to date we have seven Shiba Inu which we have either bred or acquired from other breeders.

This breed is a fascinating and very challenging breed. Strong willed, adventurous, not able to be let off lead, fairly possessive of their people and love kids, but not so great with strange dogs! Dog parks are not recommended as if Shiba are let offload, it would be a tough task to catch them!

Shiba Inu are great little companions, clean, neat and tidy and very clean in the garden and house! They do shed at least twice a year so frequent brushing is recommended. They are an uncomplicated breed and do not generally have health issues, however being a primitive breed their temperaments can vary. They need to be handled firmly but fairly from puppy and need to know who is “top dog”.

We welcome prospective families to visit us and our little band of Shiba Inu if you are interested in acquiring this beautiful breed. We will welcome you into our home and spend time with you and our dogs and if you are flying in we are happy to fetch and take you back after offering lunch or snacks.

Enjoy your visit to our site.

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